4 de diciembre de 2007

Ant's blog

"Give me begging children. Give me the rhythm of a dozen snoring roommates. Give me language barriers and languid ticket counters. Give me guidebook maps and tourist traps. Give me squat toilets. Give me passport stamps and stomach cramps. Give me padlocks. Give me missed-bus woes and filthy toes. Give me deserts. Give me rain. Give me an endless train trip and a fresh friendship. Give me sunburned arms and nomadic charms. Give me noodles. Give me sunshine and an aching spine. Give me an ageless round-the-world jog and this, my humble travelogue."

If you want to read more, here you have Ant's blog, from UK, a great traveler who I met in Tibet and who tell so much interesting things, and tell them in high quality! He will be travelling for a few years, so the chronicles will be a never ending stuff, and it's good.


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