18 de agosto de 2007

Yekaterinburg. Thanks Katerina and Lisa!!!

Next 24 hours have been really great, one of my best days in all my life, for sure. And all due to two russian sisters: Katerina and Lisa.

When we arrived to Yekaterinburg station, at night, Anton help us to buy the ticket for the next train (it's really hard try to get a ticket without the help of any russian people). When waiting in the "kacca" two girls came to us and we was talking for some minutes. Then, they offered their house to us (???). They don't know who we are and ther are inviting us to their home???? Maybe it's a little strange, and we thought it's possible they want to stole us or something like that, but we felt that Katerina and Lisa were really good people, they have a clean eyes. Even so, Josan and Ester went to a near hotel because are a little tired. Antonio, Anton and me (I'm Jose Antonio too, and that was a continuosly joke. 3 Antonios!! hehe) decided to start an unknown adventure and took a taxi with Katerina and Lisa. After 30 minutes we were in the middle of ...nowhere!! in a great forest, with no lights even the stars ligths, so we ned our mobile display to see the path. Where are we now??? A few minutes after that, we arrived to Lisa and Katerina home, a great 3 floors building (really big and superb) which is been built by his father, a great and strong man. He is building the house for 15 years, and today it is not finished. We met Lisa and Katerina's mother and grandmodther, who provided a great and tipical dinner. Ohhhh Thanks!! We felt really lucky with that great and original experience, and they are happy to have so much strange visitors as guests hehe. They like to shown hundreds and hundreds of photos!!! So I get a big amount of albums. Katerina also is a great painter, and has a lot of drawing. Thanks for paint a little paint in my travel book! Lisa is also an artist, and draw in my book too!

We slept in the floor, but it is not a problem for us. even when.. there are not windows (y viene un vientecillo Siberiano que no veas tu). Anton said "I had never imagined I'd sleep with two spanish men..." hehehe

Next day in the morning we have a big breakfast and we went to the forest, all together. Lisa, who is an expert in nature and likes a lot, made fire with great hability. We took some drinks and got some fruits from the forest. It was a superb moment, believe me. We took a lot of photos and had a fanny time.

After lunch, we come back to the city and met with Josan and Ester. We visit the city and find a beautiful supermodel who was being photograpied. There is some photos with her... We stopped in a nice restaurant were I make some magics... ohhh! They were highly surprised, and that surprised to me!! Even they asked "do you really have superpowers?" uhmm..... ejem... of course, I'm superJose! Magic moment and some photos was only my presents for Katerina and Lisa, but it's so little present in comparison with their hospitality. Even Katerina gave me a CD with music and... an orange cup! Katerina also gave a beautiful pin to Ester.

We finaly said bye bye in the train station, exactly in the same place where 24 hours ago we meet. Lisa and Katerina were emocionated and the are happy to have so much enjoy time with us. I have to say than Antonio and me had the same feeling, I'm sure we miss you. I'm happy to have you as friend and of course you are welcome to Spain when you want.


Thanks for that autentic russian experience which is not possible in turist agency! hehe. You are great persons. ESPASIVA!

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DaViD dijo...

Holy Crap Jose Antonio!

I am so freaking envious of your absolutely outstanding trip!

Why the hell do I have to be here while you are having such a great time!!! Wait for me there, I will arrive within two days! LOL.

Really, thank you very much for those funny text you write almost everyday. I'm so glad you're enjoying the trip. Remember that you are not gonna be alone in NorthAmerica's one!!!!! :D:D:D



PS: Your english is improving more and more, that's great too! Congrats!