15 de noviembre de 2007

India. Couchsurfing in Delhi

Let's test couchsurfing in India, why not? It's really one of the best inventions in last times. I recomend to everyone (http://www.couchsurfing.com/)

I stayed two days at Iddo and Maya's home, a big and new house in the richest area of Delhi. So it's easy imaging that my approach to indian enviroment was really soft, first at all a few weeks in Nepal (it's not India, but i can say it's the India's lobby), and now two days out of the center of Delhi. I was lucky to avoid the hard crash to go to Delhi core directly.

Nice to meet this couple of citizen of the world, who com from Israel, have traveled so much and now expend their days in India. Thank you to offer me that great room, to be honest it was better than a hotel, with bathroom, bath soup, body wash, toilets and all necesarry stuff to be confortable. Even with a woman who clean and make food! You're welcome if you come back to Madrid in the future, no doubt.

Thanks also to the canadian and cheff guy who arranged to get ready the dinner. Really interesting way of travelling, once more travellers surprise me again and again. He started his trip a lot of months ago and he's looking for a great place in the world where live and develop his profession. Of course he needs traveling far and far before to learn about the finest cooking and customs of each country.

Superb experience!

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